About Us

GeoBram is Entrepreneurial business arm of GeoInfosys. GeoBram is an intelligent spatial business engine. GeoBram has three major components one is search engine (GB-Engine), second one is library (GB-Library) and the third one is GB-Table consultancy.

Geoinfosys Aus Proprietary Limited is an Australian registered company, involves in both entrepreneurial as well as socio entrepreneurial initiatives apart from consultancy in spatial technology field, GIS (Geographical Information System), Planning and Architecture.

Consultations and promotions in developing new and innovative products, solutions and services in the field of spatial technology, GIS, planning and architecture fields. Geoinfosys promotes information with space and intelligence, provides technology solutions and facilitate technology for better planning and development .

GeoInfosys has two arms, One is entrepreneurial-business arm, the initiative is called Geobram which consists of gb engine. Other one is socio-entrepreneurial arm – non profit-sustainable, the initiative is called GeoDarm which consists of geosustain/be the change/ technocrat without borders.

The team behind this initiative is professionals with dedication, determination, discipline and perseverance to make a contribution to the development of this world by applying creative and innovative concepts to develop a solution or product or do service.