Entrepreneurial business arm of GeoInfosys. GeoBram is an intelligent spatial business engine. GeoBram has three major components one is search engine (GB-Engine), second one is library (GB-Library) and the third one is GB-Table consultancy.

GB-Engine is GIS based search engine. It is the spatial technology solution from GeoInfosys.GB-Library is the resource centre for geospatial fields, GIS, Planning and Architecture. Library where collection of materials and resources for all levels of professionals, businesses, and users as well as students or who want to gain knowledge about these fields. One stop resource centre, enable as a platform for networking, and business opportunity analysis.

GB-Table provides consultancy, in business to client, client to business interaction table; also provides locational, business and marketing analysis solutions. Businesses can express their interest as well as clients can express interest in the website. Table processes find the right client for the business and the right business for the client.

If you would like to know more details about business listing in the search engine or GB-Table consultancy or business-geomarket analysis or contribute to the library, contact us for  more...