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Privacy Statement

The below sets out the practices of Geoinfosys Aus Pty Ltd. (Geoinfosys) as of 2012 to the information which is gathered and distributed through the following websites: geoinfosys.org, geodarm.com, geobram.com (cumulatively known as "website").

With respect to information collected:

For each visitor to the website, our server does not recognize any information regarding your domain or e-mail address. Sessions of visitors to the website are monitored, but the user remains anonymous.

With respect to the type of information that the website collects:

The website collects only that information which is volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information and/or site registrations and the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail.

With respect to use of the information collected:

The very limited information collected is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes and is used solely

For the benefit of our visitors in the following manner:

    1. For internal review, after which the information is discarded;

    2. To improve the content of the website;

    3. Used to notify visitors about updates to the website.

With respect to email addresses:

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail. Information is volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information, site registrations, comments and/or questions from our visitors. Such information is collected via direct submission from the individual visitor.

We do not send e-mails as a form of solicitation. We may however, send you an email in response to any questions and/or comments you might have about our website.

Although your e-mail address is kept on file within our database, we will never use it to send you follow-up e-mails, or solicit you in anyway.

With respect to links:

Geoinfosys's website might contain links to internal or external website locations in order to better facilitate your visit or clarify your query. However, Geoinfosys accepts no responsibility towards the contents and/or information practices of third party websites. This Privacy statement does not apply to any websites that are linked from the website.

With respect to cookies:

Access to the website does not set any cookies.

With respect to traffic monitoring:

Geoinfosys collects aggregate information on what pages visitors access, and from where visitors originate whether from search engines, referral links, or direct entries.

With respect to security:

Geoinfosys has appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

If you feel that the website is not following this stated information policy, you may contact us at

e-mail address: info@geoinfosys.org   more...



Geoinfosys has taken reasonable precautions to ensure that your access to this website is secure and free from any viruses, trojans or similar destructive software. However, Geoinfosys does not, in any manner and for any purpose, warrant that your access to this website will be secure and free from any viruses, trojans or similar destructive software and you are hereby cautioned that Geoinfosys will not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, accept any liability for any damage sustained as a result of your accessing this website. You are expressly advised to carry out your own security precautions and checks prior to and whilst accessing the website.

Geoinfosys expressly disclaims, in any manner and for any purpose, any and all warranties with regard to any portion of any content contained on the website and expressly cautions the visitor not to place any reliance whatsoever on the information and/or statements contained within this website, without verifying the authenticity of the information/ statements from independent sources. Geoinfosys does not undertake the responsibility of regularly updating the content herein and does not undertake any liability in any matter arising as a result of any action/ inaction which places reliance upon the information and/ or statements made available on this website. Further, GEOINFOSYS shall stand indemnified by the visitor against any and all claims that arise as a result of misuse by the visitor of the contents and/ or services provided within the website.

Intellectual Property

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For media and general information about Geoinfosys, however, kindly access the News section. The content made available in this section may be used with express authorization from Geoinfosys, provided however that such is not used to damage the reputation of Geoinfosys or any of it's employees or in connection with any false, malicious allegations or claims against Geoinfosys.

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Trademark Notice

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